Our Methods

With over 25 years experience in the techniques of brick, stone and wood cleaning we are continually updating our knowledge and use of the latest technology to reveal the natural features of your building without risk of damage to the surface being treated.

We use a variety of modern cleaning systems to suit the process required, further details are explained below.

However if you would like to discuss your requirements or enquire about our services and how we can help you please contact us.

A fully versatile service
All sizes of works undertaken including domestic, commercial, ecclesiastical, municipal for stone, brick and graffiti cleaning.
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ThermaTech is a super heated water system that produces a water mist at 150°C

ThermaTech is a super heated water system that produces a water mist at 150°C. This system is highly efficient at removing soot, grease oil and organic matter from a range of surfaces. The super heated water spray is capable of melting and removing paints, chewing gum and other surface treatments. Using super heated water reduces the reliance on chemicals and enhances the use of milder chemical agents yielding positive results for COSHH and REACH within environmental risk assessments.



Soft Clean Blast Machine has been designed for the restoration and renovation industry.

Softclean offers unlimited cleaning potential and is able to tackle delicate tasks such as ornate stonework and faced brickwork. It's special design features facilitate to the delivery of micro abrasives such as calcium carbonate and bicarbonate of soda.



The VorTech system 'swirl-abrasive', Born out of the "Jos" technology.

VorTech is a 'swirl-abrasive' system, using a selected abrasive carried by a flow of compressed air, at which point water is added. The mixture then passes through a nozzle and exits in a vortex, which is directed at the substrate to be cleaned.
Born out of the "Jos" technology.