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Graffiti Removal
Paint Removal

GBF Masonry Cleaning Services are the premier stone, brick and wood cleaning company with over 25 years experience and reliable service through out the UK.

Our service covers the cleaning and restoring of brick, masonry and wood from domestic, commercial, municipal and ecclesiastical buildings using the latest cleaning systems to revitalise and enhance your building. Whether it is a full clean, or just the removal of a small area of graffiti we are here to provide you with an efficient professional service.

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ThermaTech is a super heated water system that produces a mist at 150°C

ThermaTech is a super heated water system that produces a water mist at 150°C. This system is highly efficient at removing soot, grease oil and organic matter from a range of surfaces. The super heated water spray is capable of melting and removing paints, chewing gum and other surface treatments. Using super heated water reduces the reliance on chemicals and enhances the use of milder chemical agents yielding positive results for COSHH and REACH within environmental risk assessments.



Soft Clean Blast Machine has been designed for the restoration and renovation industry.

Softclean offers unlimited cleaning potential and is able to tackle delicate tasks such as ornate stonework and faced brickwork. It's special design features facilitate to the delivery of micro abrasives such as calcium carbonate and bicarbonate of soda.



The VorTech system 'swirl-abrasive', Born out of the "Jos" technology.

VorTech is a 'swirl-abrasive' system, using a selected abrasive carried by a flow of compressed air, at which point water is added. The mixture then passes through a nozzle and exits in a vortex, which is directed at the substrate to be cleaned.
Born out of the "Jos" technology.


Our service provides:

• Dealing with your needs efficiently.
• Cleaning all types of masonry and wood.
• Ensuring a non-hazardous working environment.
• Always leave your site clean and tidy.
• Work anywhere in the United Kingdom.
• Minimise disruption and on site time.

We use the latest masonry cleaning systems, Enviraclean®, ThermaTech® Systems which do not risk further damage to surfaces or structures during the removal of atmospheric pollutants, manmade coatings or graffiti. For more information go to our Methods page



The final result is a credit to GBF and your personal efforts obviously influenced the high standard and quality of the finished project. I have no quibble with the price quoted which is worth every penny.

Mike Sawyer - Bathelton, near Taunton

GBF became a customer of Stonehealth in 1995. They have considerable experience of using our non-hazardous chemical and Clean-film latex products. GBF is very responsive to client needs and professional in their activities.

Brian Crowe - Stonehealth Ltd.

GBF cleaned the North Nave Aisle vaults at Peterborough Cathedral following the fire. The result has been to bring this area of the cathedral back to the same colour and cleanliness as the rest of the cathedral. The vaults were covered in 19th century plaster and the use of Clean-Film latex system has worked very well indeed removing all the soot and grime from the fire. The work was carried out while the cathedral was open to the public and caused no inconvenience to services or the public. Everyone has been very pleased with the results..

Julian Limentani Cathedral Architect

Your company recently carried out the cleaning of the exteriors of several of our blocks of flats. My clerk of works reports how impressed he was with the way your operatives carried out their duties and how well they cleaned up and made good.

Mike Caswell - Sedgemoor District Council

We were extremely pleased with how GBF professionally cleaned the exterior concrete of the Debenhams store in Southampton. The work was completed on budget and on time, and the site was left clean and tidy.

Eric Meecham - MD Metropolitan Stone

GBF was contacted by us to work on the Bath and North East Somerset Radstock Regeneration Programme in 2000 and they were punctual, efficient and aware at all times of the need for care of the environment in which they were working.

TGD Pitt - MD Dudley, Young and Soutar

It was a pleasure to do business with such a helpful company.

J Quinn - Knightsbrige Property Services.

Your operatives were helpful, polite and knowledgeable.

Tom O'Malley - Brayor Group, London